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Wayne Jordan

Wayne Jordan

Wayne Jordan is a Galax-based writer and storyteller. His Scots-Irish ancestors settled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in 1760, and he has deep roots there. Wayne is a retired Senior Editor for WorthPoint Corporation, a long-time columnist for Kovel's Antique Trader Magazine, and a contributor to regional newspapers and travel publications. He blogs at BlueRidgeTales.com.

Get Your Game On: Outdoor Fun in Galax VA


Galax, VA, is a prime destination if you’re looking for a spot where the Blue Ridge Mountains meet the spirit of adventure. Nestled in the heart of Southwest Virginia, Galax offers a vibrant outdoor recreation scene that attracts not only…

Galax VA: Where Art Is For Everyone

galax fall into art festival

Imagine yourself weaving through the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains to a place where the air pulses with creativity and the landscape hums with an artistic vibe. Welcome to Galax, Virginia, a small city where you’re not just a…

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